Conscious Security Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

Conscious Security implements and maintains a rigorous Quality Assurance Program (QAP), which consists of procedures, techniques and tools used to ensure that a product or service meets or exceeds pre-specified standards. The QAP is part of our Phase-In planning and will be implemented upon award. This early planning enables our QAP methodology to be conformed to client’s mission. We collaborate with the government’s appointed QAPM to customize quality implementation to align with the requirements and attributes of the client's mission. Our personnel execute the QA Plan to include attributes of high quality, timeliness, surveys of customer satisfaction, and optimal service delivery and performance. Conscious Security's prior successes and expertise will be leveraged to the benefit of our client's mission environment.  

Our QAP includes: 

  • Define or identify the project's goals 
  • Define critical processes (inputs, outputs, constraints, mechanisms, actions and risk) 
  • Develop systems for measuring and evaluating our performance  
  • Identify who is responsible for ensuring quality standards and measurements have been achieved 
  • Set performance targets in terms of the metrics 
  • Develop metrics and incorporate them into our project planning 

Feedback from the QA process and QA findings are factored into overall company strategic planning, helping management to establish priorities based on closing the gap between execution and requirements.  

During the contract transition phase, Conscious Security will evaluate the current SOPs and SLAs. Conscious Security's QAP identifies customer satisfaction objectives; our senior management team responsible for ensuring principles of quality throughout the organization; and our corporate training plan for ensuring quality deliverables. The QAP will identify the tasks, task associated risks, control techniques and objectives to mitigate risks, task dependencies, testing criteria, constraints, and assumptions. | CAGE Code: 4DY30 | DUNS: 165427373